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Transformation by Hypnosis
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Have you ever wondered if you could change your physical form, say, in terms of therianthropy (animal shape-shifting), petrification (turning into hard, inanimate objects), or even transgender (from one gender to another)?

Now, what if that were actually possible through basic neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), better known as hypnosis?

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Well, here's a site for sore eyes (bad pun plugin, lol). I decided to set up this indecent excuse of a website in order to accomodate the need to, in a way, "unify" the branches of the TF_by_Hypnosis discussion group. Hopefully, this works out, so I bid you welcome to the official website of TF by Hypnosis. Please check out our respective branches, by the way.


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On this page, we may include pictures of our members or of the work we do.

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.

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